Keep It SIMPLE Sweetie 6-Month Program

                   Simplifying your Life so that You can Enjoy the Happiness It Brings

Why Choose this Program?

I’ve spent over fifteen years researching and studying happiness.  After two marriage breakdowns and a number of jobs not working out, I set out on a personal quest to find out all I could about happiness – since it seemed to be avoiding me!  And I found out a lot…

  • That happiness is not an absolute but a moving target that depends on how  we think and approach life
  • That happiness has a number of building blocks: creativity, self-esteem, motivation, resilience, gratitude, compassion, love, spirituality, confidence,  and more that make up its essence
  • That happiness is not our right but a gift that we receive through our response to personal life experiences
  • That happiness  is not a matter of what you do but of who you are
  • That happiness is most present when life’s shiny objects and distractions are not around
  • That happiness and simplicity go hand-in-hand

This program is a synthesis of all that I have learned about the subject of happiness.  My goal is to make this course content accessible, understandable and effective for you so you don’t have to spend years trying to figure out why “you feel empty” or “overwhelmed by life” or “that you don’t seem to fit anywhere” which is how I felt before I embarked on my happiness research.

Program Structure

This program is based on the process where each letter of the word “SIMPLE” is broken down into the key elements that contribute to happiness and fulfillment:

S – Sleep and Sex

I – My, Myself and I

M – Mind and Mindfulness

P – Plan and Play

L – Look, Laugh and Love

E – Eat and Exercise

Through the lens of one “letter” each month in this 6-month program, we will explore the alignment of the physical and the spiritual, and how this holistic approach allows you to accept and appreciate everything about yourself.  It’s no fluke that something as physical as sex and as intangible as love are part of this SIMPLE program.

What You will Learn

At the completion of the SIMPLE program, you will know:

  • How to respond to others when they challenge you
  • How to make informed decisions through the practice of mindfulness
  • How to implement self-care techniques
  • How to set goals and plan effectively
  • How to develop a healthy approach to eating and exercise
  • How to use the power of observation to create opportunities for yourself and others
  • How to work with someone who has a different point of view, and more

How You will Benefit

Having mastered these skills will leave you:

  • Empowered
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Motivated
  • Grateful
  • Resilient

Program Methodology

  • 2 one-hour calls a month

You will receive two one-on-one phone (Skype if preferred) calls with Kita based on the S I M P L E* process:

S – Month One

I – Month Two

M –  Month Three

P – Month Four

L – Month Five

E – Month Six

*Depending on personal need and preference, themes can be interchanged.  For example: E (Eat and Exercise) can be the focus in January, a month where New Year’s resolutions often deal with losing weight and eating right after the holiday season.

  • 1 group call a month

There will be one group call a month with Kita.  You have the option to participate.

  • Customized resources

Kita will research and provide resources (books, videos, articles, movies that fit with your needs and interests) that work for you in your schedule, personal and professional life.

  • Email privileges

You will be able to email Kita 24/7.  She will respond to you within 24 hours.

  • Buddy System

Kita will pair you up with a Buddy who is also in the of Keep It SIMPLE Sweetie (KISS) program so that you can hold each other accountable – be each other’s support for the six months. Again this is optional but recommended.

Speaker Testimonials

“Kita has a gentle confidence when speaking, a calm mastery of her subject matter that engages and enlightens her audience. Listening to her, you feel as if your best friend is relaying something wonderful they’ve just discovered, and the twinkle in her eye makes you hang on every word.”

Victor Couwenbergh,
Sequential Artist and Filmmaker

“There is something about being at Kita’s presentations that tells you – this woman knows her stuff.  Engaging, witty, yet, the consummate professional.”

Tim Gordon
Publisher, General Store Publishing House

“What sets Kita Szpak apart as a public speaker is her sparkling ability to think fast on her feet by employing examples and anecdotes that welcome her audience into whatever her narrative of the moment is. She delights, instructs, reassures and entertains.”

Elisabeth Harvor
Novelist, poet, and instructor at the Humber School for Writers

“What strikes me about Kita’s speaking style is that she is articulate, well prepared, presenting her concepts clearly and simply while engaging the audience with stimulating questions to ponder. Kita touches the audience both from a heart and intellectual perspective leaving them with a better appreciation and understanding of themselves.  Anyone who hears Kita comes away with new insights on what is really important to them in moving their lives forward on their journey to a happier life.”

Caroline Midgley
Wellness & Marketing Consultant, Seniors on Site


For further information contact Kita HERE


Like KISS, I am keeping this really simple – no shiny objects – just a straightforward offer to you to get on the road to personal self-care inside and out.  End result:  A happier you living an easier life.